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Me and Tree Blog 19


by Dr. Jacob D van Zyl tel 013 752 2000

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BLOG (19/3) posted on 2019/01/14– check this blog for the next update in about two week’s time


In the previous series of blogs, I shared perspectives with you regarding moving out from under the dark shadow of stress towards the light. I concluded with a few guidelines in the handling of your stress.

In the following series (number 3) of blogs I would love to empower you with perspectives in handling trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder.

We live in a world where we and the people around us endure frequent negative experiences, such as violence and crime, with its equally negative consequences in our lives. We are influenced by the occurrence of different forms of psychologically destructive events. Yourself or probably someone you know has probably been the victim of such hostility. We are confronted with it on a daily basis – directly or indirectly. You hear it on the news. You see it on television, on the internet, or become involved in a conversation concerning it. Perhaps a traumatic incident occurred in your own life.

A person who has been a direct victim of violence or some other form of serious psychological injury, is usually not able to continue with his/her life as before. Such a person is often shackled by the symptoms of post-traumatic stress. Take courage though because help is available for you, as well as the people around you who have experienced any form of trauma. By looking at it from a psychological as well as a spiritual perspective in the next few me and tree-blogs, it is possible to pass through the desert of post-traumatic stress in your life to an oasis of peace once again. The tree exposed to a storm can be helped or strengthened in order to grow again and stand up straight again.

In the next blog I will put the focus on what trauma as well as post-traumatic stress disorder are. Feel free to send your questions regarding trauma to or contact my rooms at 013 752 2000 in order to make an appointment.

In an anonymous way I will reflect on your questions or issues regarding trauma within the next series of blogs.


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