Depression; existential crises; challenges within a developmental stage, for instance, old age: despair versus integrity


Anxiety; phobias


Stress; “burnout syndrome”; coping with stress related problems


Post- traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

  • Accidents

  • Attacks; burglaries; armed robberies

  • Trauma experienced by the onlooker

  • Loss

  • Illness (in-patient or out-patient psychological services)

  • Death (bereavement therapy)

  • Negative incidences from the past

  • Timeline work

  • Unfinished business or the uncompleted circle

  • Integration / integrity

Marital, family and relationship problems


Challenges regarding self-image; low self-esteem; lack of sense and meaning; purpose in life issues


Attention Deficit; Attention and Hyperactivity Deficit


Emotional problems and religion – inner conflicts with regards to religion; emotional problems or blockages and spirituality; challenges concerning quiet time

Treatment Conditions

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