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37A Ehmke Street



      (+27)13-752 2000

      (+27)13-752 2000

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Practice hours:

TIMES AVAILABLE for one hour sessions (60 minutes) in individual, couples and family sessions will be checked every morning between 08h00 and 09h00 in order to confirm your request


Mondays:             08h00;  09h00; 10h30; 11h30
           15h00; 16h00; 17h00


Tuesdays:            09h00; 10h30; 11h30                  

                             15h00; 16h00; 17h00


Wednesdays:       08h00; 09h00; 10h30; 11h30


Thursdays:           08h00;  09h00; 10h30; 11h30
           15h00; 16h00; 17h00


Fridays:                08h00;  09h00; 10h30; 11h30
          15h00; 16h00; 17h00


Saturdays             At request


Group therapy – Me and Tree walks – Saturdays 08h00 – 10h00 / as requested by group or company        

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