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Mrs. Puella Collins

Receptionist - since 1999

Mrs. Miranda Scholtz

Receptionist and administration - since 2014

Dr. Jacob D van Zyl

Clinical and Pastoral Psychologist - since 1994

Thank you for the opportunity to introduce myself.

I was born and raised in the little forestry town of Sabie,Mpumulanga, surrounded by picturesque mountains and trees which cultivated my love for nature (trees, waterfalls and hiking trails in particular).

I matriculated from Sybrand van Niekerk High School (Sabie) in 1983.  Some of my achievements during my school years included the following:


Headboy; Dux-student in matric year 1983; Passed matric with an A average and  four distinctions;
Lowveld Tennis Team Captain 1981-1983; Junior Provincial Tennis Team 1981- 1982;  Represent Lowveld in National OratoryCompetion 1982,1983.


I initially started my tertiary education with theology – from the very beginning of my studies the subject of Psychology was included. I completed my theology studies, but chosed to further my studies in Psychology instead  – I registered as a clinical psychologist in 1994. I practice psychology from a Christian perspective, with the belief that I have the calling to help or assist people in their problems from a psychological as well as a spiritual outlook. I would love to empower each and every patient with a new perspective.

I married my wife, Anne-Marie (a medical doctor who is practicing in Nelmed Medicross Group Practice in Nelspruit), in 1990. We have three children: Elsje-Marie (25), who has a degree in BSc Medical Science and Psychology, as well as a LLB (which she obtained in April 2019 at theUniversity of Pretoria). Jacques (23) obtained his BAgric degree at the University of Free State and accepted an appointment with Clemen gold farms, Nelspruit. Taillard (20) was selefcted at the University of Pretoria in order to continue with his studies in medicine - currently he is a second year student in Medical studies.  

Some of my interests include: playing tennis at the local tennis club,as well as participating in senior tennis tournaments and leagues, and representing the Lowveld (50 plus tennis team) in interdistrics against Highveld and West-Mpumalanga; jogging; hiking; travelling; reading; writing; and music (enjoying it and practicing it myself in the form of singing and the electronic organ).


Name of Institution                                              : University of Pretoria


Qualification Obtained:                                           : 1986 – BA Theology / Psychology

                                                                                 1989 – Honours in Psychology

                                                                                 1990 – Bacalareus Domini Theology (Cum Laude)


Name of Institution                                              : Potchefstroom University


Qualification Obtained                                            : 1994 – Masters in Clinical Psychology (Cum Laude)


Name of Institution                                              : University of SA (UNISA)


Qualification Obtained                                            : 2004 – Doctorate in Psychology



Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner – Potchefstroom University / Success Education;

Clinical Hypnotherapy Phase 1, II, III – South African Society of Clinical Hypnoses (SASCH);

Hostage Counselling – South African Medical Services (SAMS);

Officer (Rank: Mayor) – SAMS;

Courses in ethics and law in psychology;

Courses in qualitative research;

Mindfulness training courses


MEMBERSHIP (past and currently):

Health Council for Professionals in SA (HCPSA)

Psychology Society of SA (PSYSSA)

South African Society of Clinical Hypnoses (SASCH)



Die verhouding tot God en die self met betrekking tot selfmoord (Unpublished script – BD Theology, UP)

Die ontwikkeling en evaluering van ‘n logoterapeutiese program vir ‘n groep bejaardes (Unpublished mastersdegree script – Potchefstroom University – mentorship Prof. Marié Wissing)

‘n Kwalitatiewe ondersoek na die selfagting van psigoterapeutiese pasiënte (Unpublished doctorate thesis – University of SA – mentorship Dr. Elsje Cronjé)

Low self-esteem of Psychotherapy Patients: A Qualitative Inquiry (published article in a online journal based in San Francisco: The qualitative report Volume 11 Number 1 March 2006

BREEK DEUR DIE GRENS – Jou persoonlike berader vir sewe algemene knelpunte (Wellington: Lux Verbi) – book published in February 2009

Several articles / contributions to articles in nation wide magazines.

The journey in the labyrinth – qualitative research on a group of fourty people who walked the labyrinth at a retreat (currently unpublished article).



Name of Firm                                                   : Dr. Jacob D. van Zyl Private Practice

                                                                            (Established in 1994, Pietersburg)


Current Address                                                : Practice@37A Ehmkestreet, Nelspruit, 1260


Period of Employment                                       : September 1994 - Currently

Position Held                                                     : Clinical and Pastoral Psychologist in full time private practice  -  since April 1998

Duties                                                                : Individual Psychotherapy for adults and children

                                                                            Marital Therapy

                                                                            Family Therapy

                                                                            Psychometry – evaluation – legal cases and reports

                                                                            Workshops, public talks and seminars to groups

                                                                            Practice Management; Supervision  


Reason for Changing Position                          : Will keep current position but experience the need to expand area of service / contribution applying                                                                                          theoretical as well as practical knowledge in facilitating and empowering groups of role-players in society                                                                                  with  the potential to enhance the mental health of their clients.    


Name of Firm                                                   : South African National Defence Force –

                                                                            South African Medical Services

Period of Employment                                       : 1 January 1994 – 31 March 1998

Position Held                                                     : Officer (highest rank mayor) - Psychologist

Duties                                                                : Individual Psychotherapy for adults and children

                                                                            Marital Therapy

                                                                            Family Therapy

                                                                            Psychometry – evaluation, selection, screening

                                                                            Facilitation of multi-cultural groups –

                                                                            Psychological Integration Programme (PIP)

                                                                            Head of Division Psychology

                                                                            Privileges to manage part-time private practice                                                              

Reason for Changing Position                          : Part-time private practice developed into full-time private practice;

                                                                            The need to be more involved in psychotherapy


Name of Firm                                                    : South African National Defence Force –

                                                                             South African Medical Services

Period of Employment                                        : 1 January 1991 – 31 December 1991

Position Held                                                      : Military Service – Lieutenant in Chaplain Services,

                                                                             1 Military Hospital, Voortrekkerhoogte, Pretoria

Duties                                                                 : Serve on advisory panel and as a counsellor on

                                                                             Psychiatry and Orthopaedics Multi-disciplinary teams

                                                                             Visits cardiology, gynaecology and other wards

                                                                             pre and post operative

                                                                             Counselling and support – student nurses                    


Reason for Changing Position                           : Get selected at Potchefstroom University for Masters

                                                                             Training programme in Clinical Psychology


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