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Updated: Nov 19, 2018


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BLOG (15/2) posted on 2018/10/17 – check this blog for the next update in two week’s time


In the previous blog (number 14) I made you more aware of the significant effect of your negative thoughts within your experience of stress; and how you can make use of the powerful CABB technique.

In blog 15 I would like to share with you my version of self-relaxation in order to move out from under the dark shadow of stress.

During the past twenty four years in which I have done different variations of self-relaxation with people, I have found it to be of great value to them. From the different approaches to self-relaxation I have developed the following version. You can make it your own by doing it frequently. Some patients have asked me whether one could do it more than once a day. The answer is definitely yes; it is safe and beneficial. You could even record the words in your own voice or feel welcome to order a complete cd from my practice. In that way your subconscious mind receives messages from you yourself. Play it as often as you can whilst in a comfortable chair in a quiet space or room where you will not be disturbed. It is not advisable to lie flat on your back. You might fall asleep and that is not the purpose of self-relaxation. You could also combine it with tranquil music or sounds from nature.

Take up a comfortable position. Close your eyes. Breathe in deeply. Exhale slowly. Imagine that what you are inhaling is: relaxation; peacefulness and serenity. What you exhale is stress. You are in fact breathing out your inner conflict and tension. As your breathing gets deeper, you will relax more and you will enter into a deeper relaxation. Allow yourself the opportunity to come into contact with your deeper inner self. Just let yourself go…

The positive feelings of relaxation can flow from your feet to your legs … a pleasant, tingling sensation in each muscle, tissue and cell. From your legs to your lower body. Just relax … from your lower body to your stomach and chest. Feel how your breathing gets easier and deeper and relax … From your chest to your shoulders, neck and head. In your thoughts you are focused on each word that will help you relax even more … the feeling of relaxation is now flowing from your head into your arms and hands. Through your blood- stream. Like water. Enjoy this moment of deep relaxation.

You can now relax even deeper by thinking about a flight of stairs. The most beautiful, unique flight of stairs you can imagine. Maybe it is made of wood, stone or glass. There are about ten steps which will soon lead you to a very special place of safety and relaxation. Maybe the place is from some time in your past. A place which meant a lot to you as a child or a young person, where you can just be yourself. It can be a place from your present life where you like to go to relax. A place where it is safe to just be. Or maybe it is a place that you would like to go to in the future. The place of your dreams that you would like to visit. Choose such a place … As soon as you have chosen your place of safety and relaxation you can focus on your flight of stairs again.

With each count that you are going to hear just now, you are going to climb one step on the staircase in the direction of your unique place of safety and relaxation. With each step you are relaxing deeper. One … two … three … relax even deeper. Four … five … you are half-way to the place of safety and relaxation deep within yourself … six … seven … eight … On the count of ten you can step into this place and just relax. Nine … ten. Take a deep breath and step into the place you have chosen. Look at how this place of safety looks. See the detail thereof. Look at how beautiful and unique this place of yours is. Hear the sounds that you can associate with it. Sounds that make you calm. Feel how it feels. You are feeling peaceful, calm and relaxed.

Now you have the opportunity to get rid of all your excess stress by doing something with symbolic meaning in this place. Maybe it is to put down your stress, like a heavy bag of stones that you have been carrying alone for a long time. Maybe it is throwing the stress into water like a leaf thrown into a stream and watch it drift away. Give yourself the opportunity to let your stress go. Maybe it means to pray again. Or to say something to somebody that you have been meaning to for a long time. Whatever form you choose to let your stress go, do it when you are ready. Give yourself enough time to do it properly.

Now that you have done this act with symbolic meaning, you experience relief from stress. You may be ready to count back now – this time from ten to one, back from your state of deep relaxation. With each count you are going to hear now, you will move one step in the opposite direction from which you came. Up to the count of one when you will open your eyes again. You ought to feel relaxed in your body but clear and focused in your thoughts. Ready to take on your day.

Ten … Nine … Eight. With each count you take one step on your flight of stairs. Seven … Six … Five. You are half-way back from the relaxation. Four … Three … On the count of one you will open your eyes again. Two … One. Open your eyes.

Blink a few times to adjust to the light. Maybe you need to stretch a little. You are feeling relaxed. You are clear and focused in your thoughts. You are ready to face the rest of the day.


Self-relaxation cd’s with sound effects can be ordered from my practice – only e-mail your name and postal address to me at with the subject: self-relaxation cd, and I will get back to you.


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