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Leisha side of the story
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Well it kinda all began with a simple “Hi” followed by a 2hr phone call on the 12th April 2016 while he was on training in JHB.

My Mr. Charmer had planned to take me to Kruger National Park for our first ‘’date’’, and I remember the thought crossing my mind that maybe his real intention was to leave me to the lions! Actually I was hoping to meet him earlier possibly…you know, so I could make sure that he was safe… well okay, truth be told, it was actually because I couldn’t wait till the Sunday to see him. So while Keith was driving back to Nelspruit from JHB on the 13th he called me and asked if we could meet that evening. I finished work at 8 and rushed home to shower and to get ready (first impressions…you know!). I confess, I was nervous as anything but the moment I was with him all the nerves left, honestly we were so at ease and comfortable with each other that it felt like being home with him. We met at the ‘’Stoep’’ for drinks and were asked to leave at closing time – we were so enthralled with each other that time seemed to stand still. We ended up sitting in the parking lot until 2am. Guess what? The next evening, same story, we were asked to leave again, and sat chatting in the parking lot until early hours of the morning. It was like this for the next few evenings.  

Sunday came soon enough and I got my drive through Kruger Park, but alas we saw very little game because we were talking so much. We had such a good laugh at 2 baby monkeys, playing about at Skukuza, so much that to this day we still laugh about it.

We truly have been inseparable ever since! We soon became 3 when we added Ozzie the scruff, one of the best things that we did! But not long after, I landed up in hospital with serious burns on my legs from boiling oil (long story) and during this time Keith really was my strength that got me through each day…even though the scruff kept him up all night. A year later we added Abby to the family, who is a real mommy’s girl.

We have had plenty laughs and some tears, good tears though, mainly from the day Keith got down on his knee and asked me to be his Wife.

In Keith I really have found my soul mate and my best friend. He’s my better half, my good to my bad days and my joy to my good days. I couldn’t ask for a better person to experience life with.

It all started on the evening of the 12th of April 2016.

After a more than 2 hour phone call whilst I was  in JHB on training, we decided to have our 1st date in Kruger that Sunday.

Needless to say, with all the excitement we couldn’t wait that long and after driving back on the afternoon of the 13th we decided to go for 1, 2 or 33 drinks at “Stoep”. After being kicked out of the place just before 11:00 that night we stayed in the parking until 2:00 the following morning.

That wasn’t enough, we ended up going out again on Thursday evening, also got kicked out of the pub at closing time, and ended up only going home after 3:00 the next morning.

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. All very late nights then we eventually got our “date” in Kruger. Didn’t see very much, besides a beautiful leopard lying in the road and 2 very cute, naughty monkeys causing trouble at Skukuza, but had an awesome day together.

We’ve been together ever since.

Then we decided to get our little baby Ozzie (the cutest, scruffiest dog in the world). Besides the two of us meeting, he was the best thing that has happened in our relationship. Leisha decided to “play” with boiling hot oil and ended up in hospital and this little brat kept me insane for 3 very long weeks while Leisha lay in the hospital.

Our cute little family was complete, well so we thought. Along came mommy’s girl Abby and then our family was complete.

We have the best relationship any person could wish for, those sudden last minute decisions to pack the car and spend the day or weekend at the dam or just lazing around the house not in the mood for any human contact. We laugh together, we cry together (so far only once when I decided to finish half a bottle of whiskey , for courage that is, and get down on one knee in front of the family).

I cannot ask for a better and more loving partner, friend, fiancé and soon to be wife (and mommy for our fur babies). We have been through a lot together but it only made our relationship stronger.

From day one we have always spoken about our future, family and plans. I believe we’ve done quite well so far and looking forward to spending the rest of my life with my ”Moo”

Keith side of the story
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08 Dec 2018, 16:00
Whispering Thorns
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08 Dec 2018, 16:00
Whispering Thorns,
Nelspruit, South Africa
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